Shop for Your Valentine at the Fernandina Farmers Market


Shop for Your Valentine at the Fernandina Farmers MarketCan’t you just smell the romance in the air at the farmers’ market in historic, Fernandina Beach? Just in time for Valentine’s Day, you are welcome to go shopping for delightful treats to spice up your celebration of this holiday for lovers, while listening to the talented Gabriel Arnold play the saxophone.

Our vendors offer everything you need to plan the perfect, Valentine’s Day evening! First, set the mood by lighting a few natural candles from Dot Williams’ Amelia Island Soy Candles to enhance the ambiance of your evening. Nibble on delightful cheeses from Natural Springs Dairy, or select your favorite dip from Olive Affairs, T-Rays or Joy of Garlic.

Your dinner begins on a bed of fresh greens, topped with delicious produce from growers you know and trust to grow your food, such as Boatright Farms, Twinn Bridges, Cabbage Creek, KYV Farms or Bacons Select Farms.

Pair this fresh salad with a tasty Angus filet mignon, free of steroids, hormones or antibiotics, straight from J.D. Beef Farms to your table. Want to spice up your evening? Try just a dash of Shake Down from Evil Seed on your steak and really turn up the heat!

Decadent desserts include heart shaped, mini Valentine cupcakes from Short and Sweet, and our newest, local vendor will be bringing a variety of pies baked up fresh at the 8th Street Diner. What could be more romantic than sharing a piece of pie? Karen even sells her dessert nirvana in glass pie dishes, so no one has to know who really baked them.

Finish the evening with decorative, romantic gift sets from Ocean Waters Bath and Gifts. Tressa has several, prepackaged sets of homemade soaps, body oils, sugar scrubs, bubble baths and massage candles. Massage candles offer multi-sensory indulgence. Light the candle for the glow, but then it melts down to become a fragrant massaging oil. Extinguish the flame and then drizzle it on for a warm and soothing Valentine’s Day massage.

We hope to see you this, and every Saturday, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the Fernandina Beach Market Place, located on N. 7th Street on Amelia Island, Florida.