January has Five Saturdays this Year


January has five Saturdays this year, and January 16, 2016 is only the third one. Join us and you will find a fully stocked farmers market on North Seventh Street in Fernandina Beach. Cross Creek Honey will have fresh supplies of Gallberry, Florida Everglades, Palmetto, Wild Flower, Orange Blossom, and Tupelo flavors. They also have their lotion bar soaps, candles, and all leftover holiday ornaments will be on sale!

Taylors Dog Treats now has chicken sticks, pig ears, and chicken, chicken liver and talapia jerkies. Try their traditional dog biscuits or their new, and very popular, dried sweet potato chips. I’ve overheard customers say, “If my dog won’t eat them, I will.”

Winter produce is being harvested weekly like King’s Kountry’s fresh strawberries, white cauliflower, romanesco and brussel sprouts. Boatright farms has been growing broccoli and cabbage. They also produce green onions, nestin’ onions, and green top Vidalias, as well as mustard, turnip and collard greens.

Steephill Vermont Syrup returns on the third Saturday of the month, Olive My Pickle is back, and the lovely Melrose will be singing for tips.

The Fernandina Beach Market Place farmers market is open from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. every Saturday, rain or shine. We are located on North Seventh Street, between Alachua and Centre Streets, in historic, downtown Fernandina.