High Quality and Fair Pricing at Farmers’ Market


High Quality and Fair Pricing at Farmers' MarketAs the market manager, there are two things I hear from market customers week after week. They can’t believe how high the quality of our vendor’s products are, and they can’t believe how many of the items sold at the market are less expensive than the price found on the shelves of our common grocery store.

Most of the breads and pastries found at the Fernandina Beach Market Place are baked Friday night, while you and I are sleeping, then brought to you fresh from the bakery on Saturday mornings.

A basket of tomatoes at the Market Place sells for about $4.00, compared to $1.99 per pound for tomatoes at the grocery store. Yellow, red or green bell peppers that can be found in the grocery chain at $2.00 to $2.50 a piece are currently $1.00 each when you buy them at the farmers’ market.

J.D. Beef sells grass fed, grain finished beef for about a dollar more per pound than grocery store beef and believe me when I say, “You can taste the difference.” Their grass fed, grass finished is only about a dollar more than grain for ground beef.

My Personal Chef sells frozen entrees at a price so low you would find it hard to buy the ingredients and make it yourself. They purchase in bulk and pass the savings on to you. The fact that you don’t spend time chopping, mixing, cooking and cleaning a sink full of meal preparation dishes is a bonus!

If you haven’t been to the farmers market in historic, downtown Fernandina Beach, you should come by for a visit. Vendors are proud to offer you a sample of their flavorful fare and I’m certain you’ll find a new favorite treat.

October 26th brings talented saxophone player Gabriel Arnold to the market, Meals on Wheels for Pets will be our non-profit booth, and Tony McAdoo will be on-site to tell you all about a new Art Show coming to Fernandina Beach. This Saturday there will be over 30 vendors offering amazing products, unbelievable prices, or both! For more information visit FernandinaBeachMarketPlace.com or call (904)557-8229.