Farmers Market Ideas for Super Bowl Dishes


Farmers Market Ideas for Super Bowl DishesWe may not have busty blonde supermodels at the farmers market in historic Fernandina Beach, but we do have a vendor who sells fresh, au naturel beef like the Carl’s Jr Super Bowl commercial is promoting during Sunday’s game. So, if you love all natural like model Charlotte McKinney suggests, be sure to visit JD Beef’s booth. They have real beef with no antibiotics, no added hormones, and no steroids.

The Fernandina Beach Market Place has other great foods you will want to have on hand for your Super Bowl party, too. How about making potato skins from fresh, red potatoes? Or you could offer your guests ready-to-go jerky from Wook’s Beef Jerky, who also has a delicious alternative to their beef, a mushroom jerky.

Olive my Pickle returns on January 31st and has a wide variety of tasty pickles and olives, and their flavorful hummus is perfect when paired with bagel chips from Great Harvest Bread Company. Another great appetizer to offer comes from Lulu’s at the Thompson House. They have a pimento cheese spread that is available in both plain and spicy, great for serving at any party.

Jack and Diane’s salsa is a personal favorite of mine, but you won’t want to share it; that one is so good you will want to buy a jar to keep for yourself! You can still share a tasty salsa, simply toss together some fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, cilantro and chopped onions for a fresh twist on your own homemade salsa.

Stop by King’s Kountry Produce and pick up some delightful chow chows and relish to compliment a fresh relish tray of sliced tomatoes, onions, and lettuces by visiting our four, fresh produce vendors. Or a fresh assortment of fruits like strawberries, pineapple and melons?

You will also find breads, desserts, honey, plants, soaps, dog treats, salmon, scallops, coffee, smoothies, pasta and more on North Seventh Street, between Centre and Alachua Streets, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. We are open every Saturday.

This week we will have someone from the Nassau County Department of Emergency Management to help you plan for natural and man-made disasters and emergency situations.

We are family friendly, and offer live music for your entertainment. Well behaved, leashed pets are welcome. For more information please call (904) 557-8229.

The commercial will be shown regionally, so it may not air in Florida, but here is the link if you’d like to see it: Carl’s Jr Super Bowl Ad 2015 .