Cabbage Creek Farm


Cabbage Creek FarmCabbage Creek Farm is located in northwest Nassau County and has been a part of the farmers market in Fernandina since 2007. The farm is owned and worked full time by Ava and Nakoa, who can be found at market every Saturday.

In February 2014, this lovely young couple became Ava and Nakoa Cooley!

Everything they offer for sale is grown on the farm in Kings Ferry, in the western part of Nassau county. They are truly a local farm attending their hometown market. Cabbage Creek FlowersThey are at the farmers market every Saturday, year-round, with seasonal vegetables and flowers harvested the day before market.

Everything is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers. Instead, they use crop rotation, green manures, grazing animals, compost, and mulch to enrich the soil. Healthy soil grows healthy plants that in turn contribute to healthy people.

Insecticides and herbicides are never used on their farm!

Cabbage Creek CropsThe health and diversity of their crops, natural predators and quick turnover help the plants to fend for themselves against pests (though having some pests is just part of farming).

Their goal is to take care of the land while bringing good, local food to our community and enjoying a responsible way to make a living.

For more information, check out this great article we found published at HERE.

View of Cabbage Creek FarmWe have gotten to know so many of our regular customers over the years and we look forward to seeing them every Saturday. Thank you, Fernandina!”

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