Antipasto Salad


Antipasto SaladAfter searching for an antipasto salad that was simple to make and good enough for my husband, well, I gave up. UNTIL – Jay’s Marketplace joined the Fernandina Beach Market Place. This recipe from our popular farmers market vendor on Amelia Island has put out the easiest recipe for anitpasto that I’ve ever seen. (Outside of buying it directly from a deli counter.)


    -8 oz. Penne Pasta cooked
    -A generous amount of Jay’s Muffuletta Salad
    -Fresh Basil and diced Tomato Garnish

How to Build the Antipasto Salad
Cover Pasta with Jay’s Muffuletta Salad, Toss, and Garnish!
Very Simple!

This recipe is courtesy of Fernandina Beach’s farmers’ market vendor: Jay’s Marketplace.

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