Advantages to Shopping a Local Farmers Market


Advantages to Shopping a Local Farmers MarketShopping at your local farmers market has many advantages, and the Fernandina Beach Market Place is a perfect example. Local farmers produce seasonal produce and then it is harvested, on a weekly basis, when it is at its peak. Cabbage Creek, a small family farm in Nassau County, grows carrots, Asian radish, red radish, bibb and romain lettuce, kale, spinach, mizuna, collards and arugula. These are the winter vegetables they have at their booth right now. In the spring, summer, and fall, the selection they offer will be different – based on the season.

Fresh vegetables are loaded with antioxidants and phytonutrients, so they are good for you and align with the USDA’s “Choose My Plate” program. A reminder to make healthy eating and drinking habits by focusing on nutrition, variety and quantity.

Shopping local supports our community. The money spent at the farmers market is much more likely to stay in Fernandina Beach and Nassau County, as opposed to shopping a chain grocery store where profits are sent to home office bank accounts.

Growers and producers are the best source for learing “how” to prepare a new fruit, vegetable or other item. Unique foods like Romanesco and kohlrabi are interesting to look at and tasty, too; and if you don’t know how to cook them, simply ask the vendor.

The farmers market on Amelia Island is family friendly, and letting your kids select their own produce, fresh baked bread, a fresh smoothie, or a gluten free dessert helps them learn about environmental sustainability, a lifestyle that is quickly growing in popularity.

There are many advantages to shopping on a Saturday morning, in the fresh air, at the farmers market located on North Seventh Street; but we want you to come because you like the farmers market and the way it is run. We strive to make it a great place to catch up with your friends, listen to a local musician, and shop for healthy foods, hearty plants, and natural body products.