A True Farmers Market


This true farmers market features natural products such as seasonal produce, locally sourced, wild caught shrimp, and landscaping plants. You will also find hand crafted lotions, soaps, teas, candles, and dog treats. Other artisan foods include hand crafted ice cream, home baked sweet and savory pies, and ice cold lemonade made right before your eyes. This week we are featuring Logan’s Microgreens. A variety of nutrient dense edible vegetables and herbs, these young seedlings are harvested less than 14 days after germination.

Each week the Market Place likes to offer some information about other businesses and non-profits located in our community. This week, local knitters will be gathered under the Spanish moss draped oak trees to participate in June 9th’s World Wide Knit in Public Day. Started in 2005, this is a way for knitters to come together and meet like minded people. This is the largest knitter run event in the world. Last year there were 1125 Knit-In-Public events in 54 different countries, and this year they chose to knit at the farmers market.

Our non-profit this week is the Sea Turtle Conservacy Group. This advocacy program addresses the threats that face U.S. and International sea turtle populations and works to improve the survival outlook for marine turtles in the United States, especially in Florida, by raising national awareness, advocating for protection of sea turtles and their habitat and by empowering small, local sea turtle groups.

Music will be provided by Bruce Beville and the Laid Back Band, a local, toe tapping, family friendly band that will leave you humming the old-fashioned classics all day long.