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Victory Popcorn is here to WOW you with unique and creative flavors, their denture-friendly caramels & candies and our easily chewable, crisp cheddars and savories! Are you tired of popcorn that tastes like flavored cardboard? Or worse yet, unflavored cardboard? Look no further! You’ve just found VICTORY!

They start with NON-GMO Kernels and pop in 100% Coconut Oil!

victory-popcorn0914GLUTEN-FREE (all flavors are gluten-free except our White Chocolate Bliss)
Vegan Options Available! (all candy coated popcorn is Vegan, they use real butter in the caramels, they are not vegan.)

Sifted 5 TIMES to give you the most enjoyable munching experience!

Victory Popcorn is a family owned and operated business located in Florida. This popcorn company was started by Kim Sunshine (Kernel Kim), along with her husband, Peter (Popcorn Pete) and their children, Sebastian, Jasmine & Benjamin. Popping on the stove, with a pot, the old fashioned way, is how the first recipes were created. Every batch was hand blended with herbs and spices in a huge stainless steel bowl and a wooden spoon. (Like Gramma would do it).  It took about two months to perfect techniques and refine recipes that would WOW customers. Then it was off to the Farmers Market to test their creations.
August 2015, Victory Popcorn was officially available for the first time to consumers. The business plan was always to start in the Farmers Markets. Their first market selling popcorn was at the Ormond Beach Farmers Market, in a health conscious community. The farmers market fell in love with Victory, and Victory fell in love with the farmers markets.

Victory Popcorn is now produced in their production facility at 1871 N. Nova Rd (between LPGA & Flomich). Victory Popcorn is also available for events, call 386 POPCORN to schedule VICTORY at your event!
Victory Popcorn creates their own recipes for gourmet popcorn. They bring between 40 and 50 different varieties to every farmers market.

    Gourmet Theater Style
    White Cheddar
    Bacon Ranch Cheddar
    Ranch Buffalo Wing
    Roasted Garlic Alfredo
    Cheddar Ale
    Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper
    Jalapeno Cheddar
    Chile Lime
    Mexican Street Corn
    Wasabi Ginger
    Sweet Sriracha
    Bacon BBQ
    Salted Caramel
    Chicago Style
    Wisconsin Style
    Sweet N Salty
    Sweet N Spicy
    Chicken N Waffles
    Cheese Coated Caramel
    Oops Yum (Double coated caramel)
    Momma’s Pancakes
    Coconut Caramel
    Bubble Gum
    Blueberry Marshmallow
    Frozen Mix
    Amusement Park Delight
    Sour Power (Like sour patch kids)
    Red Hot Cinnamon
    Mint Chocolate Chip
    Root Beer
    Butter Beer
    Butter Rum
    Birthday Cake
    Apple Jax
    Cinnamon Toast
    Cashew Caramel
    Pecan Caramel
    Peanut Jax

(They will also bring chocolate flavors during the cooler months)

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