Two Ingredient Banana Pancakes


Two Ingredient Banana PancakesHave you tried pancakes with bananas in them? Have you tried banana pancakes with only two ingredients? Well, me neither, until recently.

Our family often describes our diet as a modified Paleo Diet, but believe me, they should not call a diet full of nuts and protein a “Diet” – it should called an Eating Lifestyle instead, because for me at least, I find it mighty easy to gain weight following the Paleo Plan.

Here is one recipe I had not seen before, even in our strictest phase of eating like cavemen (and women, and kids), and it is made with only two ingredients.

1 Banana
2 Eggs

-Smash banana with a fork.
-Whisk banana with two eggs.
-Pour in greased (or srayed) skillet, or non-stick pan, or what you would normally use to cook an egg… or a traditional pancake.
-Cook 30 seconds or so, flip, cook some more, then eat.

It is that easy. Pour a little fresh Vermont maple syrup from Steephill, our syrup vendor at the farmers’ market and you’ve got one heck of a healthy breakfast. Or use a bit of agave. Actually, these are so good, you can skip the syrup altogether, if you have a toddler to feed, this is an ideal “finger food” for the tots.