Music, Food and Fun at the Fernandina Beach Market Place


fernandina-farmers-market-oct-11Cooler temperatures and those deep blue skies come to mind when you think October on Amelia Island, and what better weather could you ask for when you visit the Fernandina Beach Market Place farmers’ market on October 11, 2014?

Located on North Seventh Street, in historic, downtown Fernandina Beach, this pet-friendly, and open air market is open from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, rain or shine.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, a farmers’ market is defined as
a multi-stall market at which farmer-producers sell agricultural products directly to the general public at a central or fixed location, particularly fresh fruit and vegetables (but also meat products, dairy products, and/or grains). And that is exactly what the Market Place brings to you.

As we travel around Florida and visit other so-called farmers’ markets, we find many of them are stocked with vendors who are actually retail store owners, or re-sellers, posing as growers and producers. Shopkeepers who buy all of their produce from others, and then sell it under a tent, are not a grower/producer. At a true farmers market you should be able to meet the man who bakes your bread, you’ll shake the hand of a man who creates skin care products in his kitchen, and you can talk to the farmer who’s calloused hands display they work in the fields.

The Fernandina Beach Market Place vendors are farmers and producers. With the rare exception of an employee working a booth, those faces you see are the faces who rejoice at a bountiful harvest, grimace at a forecasted autumn flood, and smile when you say, “Hello.”

Outdoor markets bring the community together and provide an alternative shopping environment to the strip mall and big box grocery stores, but just because the stalls are outdoors and called a Farmers Market, doesn’t mean they are a true farmers’ market. The farmers’ market in Fernandina Beach has always taken pride in being a producer/growers market… and you can feel confident that it still is one!

In addition to nearly 30 food and natural product vendors, October 11th brings Bricks 4 Kidz to the market. This is a program that teaches math and science concepts using Lego Bricks, and is taught in one hour classes right here in Fernandina Beach. Younger children learn colors and counting, and older kids learn hands-on concepts of science, math, engineering and technology by building cars, pirate ships, windmills and more. Starting October 8th, Bricks 4 Kidz offers classes at the Peck Center located at 516 South Tenth Street.

Music will be provided by Don Austin. He plays the 30 string Celtic harp, guitar, violin, viola and ukulele. With his loop machine, he can play the guitar or harp, and than play lead behind it with any of the instruments, or add 3 and 4 part viola sections in a chamber or fiddle style. Don is an amazing artist, and a must see!

For more information about our market or how to include your products, please like us on facebook, or call (904) 557-8229.