B&D Sauce


“Not Just a Hot Sauce, A Sauce with a Kick!”

bandd-sauce-coAt B&D Sauce Co., they focus on flavor. All of their sauces are carefully developed to pack as much flavor as possible into every bottle. It is important to them to know where their ingredients come from, which is why they grow their own peppers right here in Northeast Florida.

The Bahamian Bird Pepper is a Caribbean strand of a Birds Eye chili. The specific strand they use was brought straight from the Bahamas.

danny-6-2016They planted the seeds and now have a flourishing, beautiful acre of pepper plants.

These small, but fiery little peppers, have an extremely distinct flavor, which makes their sauce unique to others. The growing, farming, harvesting, and cleaning process is very labor intensive which is why most are often forced to use powders or dried Bird Peppers.

B&D Sauce co. freshly harvested Bird Peppers go straight from cleaning to bottling, all here in Florida.

Website: BandDsauceco.com
Facebook: facebook.com/banddsauceco/

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