Amelia Pasta


Amelia Pasta is made with real vegetables and hand milled spices. This is traditional, hand crafted pasta.

There are no artificial ingredients or fillers used in this pasta found only in local farmers markets.

Come on… “Live Life with Flavor!”

Amelia Island Pasta

Amelia Pasta Cooking Instructions
-Gluten Free Pasta Only! – Rinse pasta thoroughly under cold water before cooking.
-Bring pot of generously salted water to a rapid boil over highest heat possible.
-Place pasta in pot and begin timing the pasta after the water returns to a boil. (Please do not doubt cooking times!)
-Continue cooking over high heat. Pasta cooked in low heat will be gluey and unpleasant.
-Gently fluff (stir) the pasta until al dente. Test before draining.
-Do not rinse the pasta after draining. Leave a little of the cooking water with the pasta do it does ot stick together 9and reserve some pasta water before draining). Please – do not doubt cooming times. Our all natural vegetable pastas do no use eggs or white flours as binders. They are naturally low in gluten. If overcooked, thaey can break apart into small pieces.

Serving Suggestions
NO SAUCE REQUIRED! After draining, return to pot and add a little reserved pasta water. If you would like a quick easy dish, a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil or butter seasoned with salt and pepper is all you need. Our pastas are so flavorful they only need a smidgen of sauce (which is great calorie-sparing news). A little olive oil, light tomato sauce, or even a squeeze of lemon will do it. You can also top with freshly grated cheese, fresh vegetables (saute’ed or steamed) or fresh herbs. You SEASON!!! We do not add any salt to our pastas that’s why they are very low in sodium. In order to bring out the true flavors of our pasta, you need to add salt and pepper once the pasta has finished cooking. We prefer Kosher salt.

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